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We Are The Hunted

We left the big agency world and started our own small creative consultancy. We're happier, clients are happier and the quality of work is just as good if not better because we get to choose from all the highly talented and experienced 35+ freelancers who have also left agency life. We know of a lot of smaller agencies who offer a better work/life balance because  they are not hamstrung by network pressures - global profit targets, employment freezes, restructures, agendas and hand-me-down antiquated business models or philosophies. Our industry is one of the latest to innovate - sure we've been good at helping clients adapt and change, but very little attention is given to improving the inner health of our own. As long as the big networks continue to merge and acquire, nothing will change. We drive change, we innovate, we specialise, we bring together the best in the business to deliver you the best digital, social and business strategies, creative and events. We are real, we are focused, we are a rare collaboration of industry specialists, we are the hunted.


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